Halftoys Animal: Lion


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Lion is part of a collectible Half-Animal series that combines multiple play styles into one package. The HALFTOYS animal range mixes a fun 3D jigsaw puzzle toy with educational play. Each animal is built with a magnetic body that can be separated into 2 parts to reveal a skeletal puzzle within, helping children learn the basics of anatomy and natural history through play. All animals come with a fun fact file and its own unique display diorama, so you can build the 3D environment for the HALFTOY and link them up with other collectible sets in the range. These pocket-sized toys are great gift ideas that offer hours of play or can be enjoyed within a display setting or as a desk toy.


What's Inside:

1 x Magnetic Lion skin

1 x Magnetic Lion Mane

1 x Lion skeleton puzzle (4 pcs.)

1 x Backdrop

1 x Environment cardboard cutout (Trees, bedrock, etc.)

1 x Animal comic/ instructions

Toy Size: 12.3 x 4.2 x 6.6 cm