My Suitcase of Yesteryear "The Daily" Girl


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This amazing baby doll from Minikane is the perfect gift for little ones, made from the highest quality materials and including no phthalates, so they are super safe for children. This doll is adorable, and has super realistic features, including anatomically correct bodies, which is vital for children learning how to properly talk about their bodies, as well as learning about consent, lessening shame or insecurity, and provide scientific understanding. 

The facial features have been carefully hand-painted, and given life-like characteristics such as hard plastic relief eyes. The doll has a head, legs and arms that turn, so they can be positioned to stand or sit, soft hair, and a vanilla scent! 

Playing with dolls is great for promoting empathy and care-giving in children, as well as introducing a level of responsibility to them, and inspiring imaginative play. 

This sweet suitcase is the perfect first doll for boys or girls and would make a lovely christening, Christmas or birthday gift.

  • 1 suitcase 15"x10.5"x5" aprox
  • 1 sleepy eyes baby doll (34cm) 13.5" inches tall
  • Natural wooden hair brush
  • 1 changing mat
  • 1 pair of shoes-slippers 
  • 1 double gauze diaper
  • 1 cotton panties
  • 2 scrunchies 
  • 1 nightdress
  • 3 + years
  • 34cm 
  • Made in Alicante Valley, Spain