Ebu Pink Elephant Rattle


Children’s rattle – 15cm

Did you know that an elephant is called a calf? And that elephants can dive? They use the trunk as a snorkel to breathe underwater. This soft rattle is the right size for your baby’s handle.

Exclusively for WWF, Bon Ton Toys has developed a new collection, “The Cub Club”, specially designed for the youngest children and babies. The series of plush toys was created from the highest quality and finest materials available. The plush is produced under strict environmental and social criteria and meets the highest quality standards in the toy industry, which makes it the most environmentally friendly plush in the world.

All WWF plush products are sustainable and therefore last a lifetime. They are manufactured to the highest standards in terms of sustainability (Der Blauer Engel) and are made from 100% recycled PET bottle refills. Suppliers of materials are carefully selected and all meet the status of an “ethical supply chain” (ICTI).

At the same time, by purchasing each such plush toy, you are giving a gift to a local WWF branch to support their efforts to protect species and preserve the natural environment.

Thank you for leaving a better world for our children!