Our Story

Small and Charming is an Independent children’s online store established in 2021 offering a selection of toys, gifts, furniture and nursery decorations.

Hi and welcome to small and charming! I'm Hayley, a mum of two, a designer and a full-time dreamer. I'm Sahdia, a mum of one, a marketer and a full time gentle parenting advocate.

The start of Small and Charming.

No one told us just how overwhelming motherhood could be. We wanted our children to flourish and thrive but were'nt sure where to start. Social media opened our eyes to so many different parenting styles and possibilities, finding what works for us was tricky, so we did what we always do when we don't know the answer, research the hell out of it. Our research led us to a world of open-ended play, sensory play, imaginary play, and the phrase "Play is the work of the child" from this my third child was born "Small and Charming" Our lives changed. we saw our children blossom when playing and interacting with their toys. We also found a way to give them what they needed without comprising the environment, selecting toys and accessories that were fun, educational and eco-friendly and most importantly weren't breaking the bank.

We did it!

That is why we created Small and Charming. A platform where you will have access to toys, accessories, tools and tips we've found that have given our children the opportunities to develop and flourish into curious little human beings. 

We hope you are inspired by the constant newness and collections we offer and they bring lots of wonderful memories for you and your family

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Hayley & Sahdia x