Alice The White Rabbit Trophy Head


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Hi, I'm Alice the white rabbit.

I have very big eyes and ears to see and to hear everything! My smell is excellent and sometimes my nose twitches very fast when I’m excited. I love eating carrots of course. We love to dance by doing a ‘Binky’, which is an expression of our joy. We’ll run, jump into the air, twist our body and flick our feet. Let’s do a ‘Binky’ together!

Alice measures: 30cm height x 45cm width and depth of 25cm

Bring the animal kingdom into your interior with the coolest and softest wall decorations, Wild & Soft products are designed in Belgium using high quality faux fur materials, due to their handmade nature every item will be original and slightly different. Discover the collection of amazing creatures that each come with their own name and little story.