Inflatable Flamingo Neon Panther


With this Swim Essentials inflatable flamingo you will steal the show this summer! We have redesigned our standard pink inflatable flamingo and this beautiful flamingo is the result! The inflatable flamingo has a transparent pink colour with glitter inside and a neon Leopard print on the wings and tail. with your inflatable flamingo, you will attract attention everywhere and you will go radiantly through the summer! The huge inflatable flamingo gives you style, charisma and ultimate pleasure on the water. The Swim Essentials flamingo airbed is completely designed in the Swim Essentials style. The inflatable flamingo is 160 cm wide and is suitable for girls from 6 years old.. Everyone can easily fit on it and so the enjoyment can quickly begin!

The Swim Essentials inflatable flamingo in combination with the sunlight ensures a dazzling appearance this summer. In addition, the flamingo airbed has two handles, so you can carry it easily. The inflatable flamingo also perfectly matches the other products from the Flamingo collection by Swim Essentials, such as the Swim Essentials Neon Leopard Print Swimming Belt. Stand out this summer with the Swim Essentials Inflatable Flamingo!