Rainbow Wood Lamp


Rainbow Wood Lamp is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The "Rainbow Wood" lamp from Peekaboo lights is a stunning and unique lighting fixture that brings a touch of natural beauty to any room. Crafted from solid pine wood, this lamp takes the form of a rainbow, with a series of intricately carved, colourful stripes that resemble the vibrant hues of a real rainbow. Each stripe is hand-painted with safe, non-toxic acrylic paints. It adds a whimsical touch to the lamp's natural wood grain.The light source of the lamp is a warm white LED diode, which provides a soft, gentle glow that enhances the lamp's natural warmth and character. The Rainbow Wood lamp is a charming addition to a child's bedroom or playroom. It will inspire children for imaginative play and a sense of wonder. It is also a fantastic decorative accent for any space, bringing a touch of natural beauty and joy to your home. Peekaboo Lights lamp is not only a stunning decorative element, but most of all a lamp giving a soft, warm light - perfect for evening reading, putting your baby to sleep or changing the nappy at night.

Lenght (cm): 41
WIdht (cm) / Depth (cm): 5,5
Height (cm): 21,5
Diameter (cm): -
Weight (kg): 1,2